How to Prevent a Fight for Power During the Holidays

Millions of Americans Travel for Thanksgiving

AAA projected that more than 48.7 million Americans will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. 89% of them will drive and the remaining will use other modes of transportation (plane, trains, buses, and cruises). That's 43,343,000 people hopping into their cars and 5,357,000 people traveling a distance to meet their family, friends, or go on a Thanksgiving trip.

travel family car


This is a lot of people who'll be needing power to keep their smartphones charged up; including kids and teenagers who'll be using their phones all throughout the time.

Prevent a Fight over Power for Your Smartphone

Whether it's the electrical wall socket or the car's USB port, a wireless charger like the Prelude will keep the noise level down and prevent fights. Family members will have enough battery life in their phones, and a tug-of-war that can potentially blow up into something else (usually one that has nothing to do with the matter at hand) can be prevented.

Prelude portable charger

The Omnia is a wireless car charger that's also a vent mount with 360 degrees swivel rotation for angle adjustment, will let your phone be charged as it displays your favorite movies or TV shows, perfectly positioned for you or your passenger to face. 

Taking your laptop with you? You can hook up the Futura X to it and place your phone on top of it. Nothing feels as good as multi-tasking and fueling up when you're limited in time (and power).

And remember, the special magnetic alignment feature in the Latitude case will keep your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 stuck to the Prelude, Omnia, and Futura X during the twists, turns, and bumps. Keep the peace with all of your family members this Thanksgiving and have a safe and happy travels!

Omnia wireless chagring

Getting the iPhone X?

If you're planning on getting the iPhone X, take advantage of BEZALEL's upcoming new wireless charging Latitude case that's tailor-made for the iPhone X. From November 3rd to November 10th, get 10% off with BEZALEL's promotional discount that's celebrating the iPhone X release!