Explore a Wire-free World with Your iPhone

Introducing the Latitude wireless charging case with magnet power


The iPhone case made for wireless charging.

BEZALEL's Latitude iPhone case is tailor-made for the wire-free world — fast charging speed, optimal charging efficiency, magnetic alignment power. Plus its minimalist style with exquisite craftsmanship — simple, elegant. Everything is considered, nothing is overlooked.

Uniquely Functional Design.

Most iPhone wireless charging cases block access to the lightning connector. This makes it hard to use your EarPods or switch to lightning connector use. The Latitude has an attached, flexible & durable lightning cable connector that easily slides in and out for your lightning connector usages.

Stylish and Perfectly Formed

Sophisticated, ultra-slim design

Magnetic Alignment

The Latitude case is equipped with a magnetic alignment feature that guides your phone to the optimal spot on the charging pad every time. No more fumbling to find the right position; just set it down and power up.

*Feature is available when using with: Futura X, Omnia, Prelude

In Your Car
At the Office

Stay Charged at any Time

BEZALEL’s Latitude case for the iPhone enables you to power up in your car, at Starbucks and wherever there’s a wireless charging station. The Prelude portable charger works everywhere on-the-go, while the sleek Futura X is ideal for home or office. And with the sleek Omnia car charger, drivers will never lose power.