About Bezalel


Bezalel is a term that represents the pursuit of artistry, workmanship and intelligence.

What we are doing

At BEZALEL we’re focused on empowering every mobile device user to ditch the power cord, both at home and on-the-go. We design and manufacture advanced wireless charging technology destined to transform how we use today’s power-hungry mobile devices.

BEZALEL was founded in 2013 to find a solution for what is arguably the foremost problem with today’s mobile, highly-connected lifestyle. It’s a problem just about everyone has experienced -- the batteries that power our smartphones, tablets and wearable gadgets run out of power too quickly. While the problem is simple, the solution has thus far proven to be more complex. As a result, nearly all of our “wireless” devices are still charged by plugging a cord into a power source.

We're on a mission

BEZALEL isn’t just a hardware or technology company; we’re a team of problem solvers devoted to bringing omnipresent wireless charging to everyone. When a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device loses its charge, its user loses his or her ability to stay connected to the world. That’s why our team at BEZALEL is so passionate – we’re focused on solving a real problem and helping people make the most of technology that has become essential to modern life. At BEZALEL, we exist to be different.

And, we stride forward ceaselessly.

February 2016

Latitude Adopted by GM

The Latitude is chosen by General Motors as the official iPhone case for use in vehicles equipped with GM’s in-car wireless charging system.

February 2016

Latitude Goes Commercial

The Latitude iPhone case is launched commercially via the BEZALEL website and Amazon.com.

January 2016

Latitude Debuts at CES

BEZALEL makes a splash at CES 2016 previewing its Latitude iPhone case for universal wireless charging.

January 2016

Wu Named to 2016 CSQ NextGen 10 List

BEZALEL CEO Frank Wu is named a 2016 Top 10 Next Generation Leader by CSQ – C-Suite Quarterly Magazine.

November 2015

Latitude Funded Successfully on Kickstarter

BEZALEL launches its second successful Kickstarter campaign, this time to fund the Latitude first-of-its-kind iPhone universal wireless charging case.

May 2015

2015 Finalist, New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising competition

New York Festivals World’s Best Advertising competition names BEZALEL’s “The Moment” video a 2015 finalist (competing against videos from Apple, Google, Airbnb and Amazon).

February 2015

28” Long Distance Wireless Charging

BEZALEL tests its proprietary “long distance” wireless charging technology and demonstrates effectiveness up to 28 inches. The company also debuts a commercial video titled “The Moment” that showcases the test results.

February 2015

Viterbi Startup Garage Demo Day

BEZALEL presents at Viterbi Startup Garage Demo Day and announces it has raised $830,000 from investors, while generating Prelude sales in excess of $750,000.

December 2014

Top 10 Kickstarter Campaign

The Prelude’s Kickstarter campaign is named one of the year’s “Top 10” campaigns by PCR and SiliconIndia.

June 2014

USC Viterbi Startup Garage

BEZALEL joins the renowned USC Viterbi Startup Garage and begins a six-month incubator program.

June 2014

Prelude Goes Commercial

The Prelude is launched commercially via the BEZALEL website and Amazon.

March 2014

BEZALEL Incorporated

January 2014

Kickstarter Success

The company launches a Kickstarter campaign that would surpass its $35,000 goal to raise a total of more than $131,000 from nearly 1,700 backers. The campaign was ranked first out of 7,000 Kickstarter projects during its run, and was featured in TechCrunch and Buzzfeed.

November 2013

Prelude Prototype Complete

The Prelude (initially named Ark) portable wireless charger prototype is completed.

October 2013


BEZALEL is founded by USC engineering students Frank Wu, Kris Tong and Macy Lin.