Wireless Power.
Anytime. Anywhere.

We are passionate about creating an ecosystem of the highest quality wireless charging experience. By spearheading innovations of practical applications in the industry, BEZALEL's wireless charging brings freedom and flexibility into the everyday lives of people all throughout the world.

Creating high quality products

A wire-free life

Our consumption of and reliance on power is ever increasing. Without reliable power to resolve daily charging problems, our freedom is stunted, convenience thwarted, and joy dampened.

BEZALEL believes in the vision of a wire-free life where people can actually feel the freedom, convenience, and joy from going wireless. To make such dream a reality, we provide the best quality wireless charging products and the top wireless charging ecosystem. BEZALEL values most the advancement of wireless charging technology, simplicity of design, and seamless user experience. And to put top value on these factors is to carry out the vision of freedom, convenience, and joy in people’s lives by means of a truly unique, wireless charging ecosystem.

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