Futura X

5W Wireless Charging Pad

Ultra-thin, stylish and versatile.

Futura X

15W Wireless Quick Charging Pad (QC 3.0)

Ultra-fast and uniquely powerful.

Take Charge!

The Futura X is compact, easy to use and always ready for a charge. It powers up any mobile device equipped with a Qi-compatible receiver. Simply connect it to a power source, place your device on the charging pad and start charging it wirelessly.

Welcome to high-speed, hassle-free wireless charging.

Designed with innovation.
Crafted with precision.

Every component of the Futura X – from its milled aluminum base to its glimmering acrylic surface – displays excellence. Not as apparent but just as important are features such as its internal cooling system, which makes the Futura X uniquely stable. Everything was considered; nothing was overlooked.

For all Qi-enabled devices:

Futura X

5W Wireless Charging

High-speed wireless charging
as fast as conventional
wired charging


For Qi-enabled Fast Charge devices:

Futura X

15W Wireless Quick Charging (QC 3.0)

Ultra-high-speed wireless charging
faster than conventional
wired charging


Wireless charge at any angle.
In any scenario.

Just place your phone down and let it automatically power up. Simple and easy, just the way you like it.

Set it Down. Power it Up.

Magnetic alignment guides your mobile device to the optimal charging spot every time. No more fumbling; just set it down and power up.

*Works only with Futura X & 2017 Prelude
*Works only with Futura X & 2017 Prelude

The Futura X works with all Qi-enabled mobile devices.
Find out if your device is compatible.

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