BEZALEL Makes Wireless Charging Easy with the New Latitude

BEZALEL’s New Upgraded Latitude Case for iPhone 7 & 8

BEZALEL has come out with a new design for its best-selling wireless charging case for iPhones. This improved design is tailor-made for the iPhone 7 and for the people who want wireless charging but don't want to purchase an iPhone 8 or iPhone X. The new Latitude case retains its well-known features: slim, lightweight, minimalist chic, and easy to use. But its denser "chin" offers better protection without adding extra bulk.

wireless charging iPhone 7

Top 5 phenomenal reasons the Latitude is awesome

1) It's the top-selling wireless charging case for iPhones on Amazon.

2) If you have a wireless charging pad in your car, truck, or van, and have an iPhone 6 or 7, take advantage of it, as GM recommends it too!

3) You can just snap it on, snap it off. No hassle, no fuss; protective, functional, and stylish. 

4) It goes perfectly with the Omnia, the magnetic vent mount by BEZALEL that wirelessly charges iPhones while in the car.

5) Selected by and exclusively featured in Business Insider Picks, the Latitude offers iPhone users one of the major upgraded features, that is wireless charging in the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Wireless charging latitude

Enjoy wireless charging for iPhone 7 & 8

Until the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, iPhones by themselves were not able to work on wireless charging pads. But getting a charge-receiving case that enables wireless charging like BEZALEL's new Latitude for the iPhone 7 and 8, is a fantastic upgrade starting $49.90, which is better than the hundreds of $$ you'd spend on upgrading phones.

iPhone 7 prelude 

Spend less money with the wireless charging case, Latitude. BEZALEL's new Latitude case for the iPhone 7 offers flexibility and convenience and you can pair it with any Qi or PMA charger, like the Prelude portable wireless charger, Futura X wireless charging pad, or the wireless car charger, Omnia

Look out for BEZALEL’s latest Latitude wireless charging case for the iPhone 7.