BEZALEL's Movie Picks - Love Stories

For a theme that's as enduring and unceasing as love, the myriad of narratives surrounding love is no surprise.

And should the cinematographic telling of love stories come in different shapes and sizes, one might delight in categorizing them according to their own unique leitmotif. Here's a quick list of BEZALEL's movie picks for this Valentine's Day.

From the '80s

The 80's Cult Classic Love Story - 
Pretty in Pink

The I-Can't-Tell-My-Family Love Story - Moonstruck

From the '90s

The Sad War-Torn Love Story - The English Patient

The (Literally) Love-is-blind Themed Love Story - At First Sight

From the 2000s

The Quirky Amnesiac Love Story - 50 First Dates

The Love Story Surrounding a Sport - For Love & Basketball

From 2010s

The Musical Love Story about Beating the Odds - The Greatest Showman 

The Hilarious Love Story about Crazy Rich Asians - Crazy Rich Asians 

There are so very many more movies that fall under these categories and hold categories of their own. Write in the comment box below your favorite love story and enter the chance to win a Futura X! Tell your friends too about this blog so they too can score the fast-charging wireless charger for Qi-enabled smartphones!

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