Why Scrooge Matters

There are umpteen different film adaptations based on Charles Dickens' famous 19th century novel, A Christmas Carol. (And that's just in English.)

Why is the character of Scrooge so fascinating that he has been repeatedly dramatized on screen in so many different ways? Jim Carrey, Bill Murphy, Vanessa Williams, Albert Finney, and much much more; with an impressive list of actors/actresses who played this miserly character, one might ask, why?


The question stems back to why fiction like A Christmas Carol matters, and why fictional characters like Scrooge matter. Concepts in time (ghost of Christmas past, present, future) - and space (human suffering, love, and hope for change) - are universal and enduring concepts, especially, as written by this British author who lived 1812-1870, for the increasingly industrial community of family and work.

syfy.com (Muppet Christmas Carol)

So why does a fictional character like Scrooge matter? Because he causes us to see ourselves and evaluate the human condition in human circumstances. And one can learn in such a way that one prevents something bad, or helps cause something good.

consequenceofsound.net (Ice Cube in Humbug)

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