5 Shopping Tips that If You Knew to Use, You'd Wanna Kiss Mr. T Too.

Christmas shopping is:

a) Fun & delightful. Who doesn't love to shop?

b) Overwhelming & stressful. I've got bajillion people to buy for!

c) Full of gratitude and graciousness. When else can I be like Mother Teresa?

d) Draining & tiring. Another thing on my list?

e) Something else. 

How about gratifying  from being the smartest shopper ever?

Here are 4 tips & secrets to saving mucho money this holiday season!

1) 99 Cents Only store, Dollar Store, Daiso (CA, TX, WA, and global), Salvation Army and GoodWill stores. Extraordinary savings from discount stores like the 99 Cents Only store and Daiso; they sell everything! Hunting for gold at GoodWill and Salvation Army also pays off! Immensely!

2) Websites & influencers that compile a list of products or companies with special discounts and deals. Check out www.MissyCoupons.com, a site created by Korean graduate students in the U.S.

There are social media channels & influencers who'll expose you to direct price-cutting access. These include: @couponproblog, @boink_couponer, @dealhuntingbabe, @simplyeveryblog. 

3) Online coupon codes. Search online for the best deal. Search the word "coupon + company name", you'll be surprised what shows up! You can also Google "bargain hunting" or the like!

4) Subscribe to newsletters. Companies reward people for signing up. They send specials not always made public!

BEZALEL is having their own "secret sales" just for newsletter subscribers! If you haven't already, get on their email list for some extra savings and fantastic wireless charging packages.

5) Crowdfunding platforms. You can get cutting-edge, innovative and brilliant things for a fraction of the cost on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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