Top 5 items to NOT forget when going to a festival or outdoor concert

Going to a festival or concert? Planning (or not planning) to be out for hours at a time and unsure if you'll be home in a godly hour? Here are 5 bare minimum items to never forget the next time you go to a festival or outdoor concert!

Don't forget your jacket

Even summer nights can bring a slight chill if you've gone in your skimpiest of clothing. And after getting sprinkled (or soaked!) with sweat, beverages, water, you may thank yourself later for bringing that extra article of clothing; especially if you're going to be spending a night outside of your own home! (Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Coachella)

Don't forget your sunblock (or hat)

Especially if you're the type that burns easily! You may be outdoors for hours and not come home until ...? Take a little sunblock in case you won't be able to catch a shade or keep away from direct sunlight! The California sun is particularly ruthless no matter how overcast it is outside (UV rays) and your skin will thank you for remembering to drop that sunscreen in your bag or pocket! If you're more of a hat person, then it may be better to take that hat instead of deciding to go bare: no hat, no sunblock? Maybe no fun later.

Don't forget (to drink) water

Indeed, we don't want to make trips to the restroom more than we'd need to! While water vendors are available, bringing your own bottle won't hurt! If you're drinking alcohol and in the sun, this will dehydrate you faster than a prune! Well maybe not that fast. But make sure to stay hydrated!

Don't forget your ID

Believe it or not, for one reason or another, there are times when we've taken that ID out of our wallets and forgot to put it back! Make sure to double check that this key item is attached to you at all times!

Don't forget your portable phone charger!

Heaven forbid, our cellphone battery runs out! But it happens and BEZALEL is all about providing the solution to that very problem!

We all know that "smartphone" is an item that doesn't even belong on this list because nobody forgets their phone when going to a festival or concert! But the more you use your phone, the more it will suck up your battery. How fantastic is it to have a fully portable, reliable power bank like the Prelude wireless charger, which you can take with you and charge your phone virtually anywhere?

This should be a universally-implementing common knowledge from now on! Yes? If you agree, check it out.

BEZALEL will soon be releasing their newest version of the Prelude. It will be even lighter, even more portable, and even more brilliant for all those who love to travel light and keep a power source right in the pocket!