Top 5 Things to Think of When Guests Come for the Holidays

Holidays are comin' around! Guests take notice of the little things during get-togethers. Here are a few ideas to help you help them feel more at home. (And a handful of famous on-screen moments in memorable dining scenes!)

Meet the Parents

1) The Most Awesome Doormat You Can Find

Many households have already embraced the take-off-your-shoes-before-entering-the-house commandment. Homes in Asian countries have indoor slippers reserved for guests and family members. If you're not this household and wear shoes in the house, an effective dirt-trapping (and everything else that shoes pick up!) doormat is worth investing in.

Keep your floors and carpet clean and protected. Check online for the latest, best doormat that does the job right!

Taladega Nights

2) Hands-free, Touch-free Automatic Soap Dispenser

Not only for germaphobes, touch-free soap dispensers reduce messiness and slip-ups! They look clean too! Upgrade the look of your restroom to a touchless high-techery, to which your guests will give you a big hand of applause.

Not all are overpriced quasi automatons, check online for the best deal.

3) Spill-proof, Drip-free Carafe

Water, juice, iced tea? If using a pitcher to refill drinks, spill-proof, drip-free carafes will lessen chances of spillage and minimize mess. Parents will also be glad that the smaller guests can pour their own cups without accidents.

Items by Comfify are pretty fantastic for any dining occasion, whether at home or picnicking outside!


4) Portable Heater for Your Coldest Friend

Not everyone loves air conditioning blasting through ceiling vents. Some folks are just more apt to getting cold faster than others. If you don't have a fireplace going, a portable heater will turn your coldest friend into one of your closest!

Perhaps dig one out of the garage in case one or more of your guests need warmth? Or shop online for a nifty new one!

The Office

5) Extra Power Chargers for Smartphones

Chances are one or more of your guests will want to keep their phones charging! Not only will they be relieved and thankful you have something to accommodate low battery anxiety, but they will be uber impressed when you bring out a wireless charger!

One would never expect to have a little fun simply placing a phone on something and watching it charge! Check out BEZALEL's wireless charging devices!