Sony's Newest Smartphone Xperia XZ3

If there were a beauty pageant for smartphone devices, this would make top 5. Maybe 7. OK 5.

The pros. In addition to the fact that it's qi-charging enabled (yes the Xperia XZ3 has wireless charging indeed) - design, design, design. That's right, looks and appearance got high marks with this new phone; and remarks of it resembling Samsung's Galaxy.

Upgraded features like wide screen and ambient flow - curves of the sides and corners of the phone's display - were championed as if it were top 5 in a beauty pageant.

Innovative OLED screen; water-protected; improved camera specs - all received big points as well.

Xperia XZ3 uses the latest Android, Android 9 pie and best of all in terms of audio, (while not as loud as the iPhone XS) the XZ3 has the same sound spectrum as the iPhone XS. But lets get back to looks and appearances. Phrases used to describe impressions with regards to style are quite aligned with impressions about BEZALEL's brand and wireless charging products.

"Very clean design"
"Beautiful to look at"
"Really looks gorgeous"

Some of the cons mentioned about the Sony's new phone were the awkward and unnatural placement of the fingerprint scanner (unfortunately an aspect of the phone's design that isn't so great); that it comes with apps you don't need; and side sensors for double tapping that needs getting used to.

So there you have it. What ranking would you give this phone in a smartphone beauty pageant? Check out some of the reviews online and get first-hand reactions.