Let My Praying Mantis Go

How many times did Moses and his cousin, Aaron have to go to Egypt to confront Pharaoh and his magicians so that the Israelites could be freed? Enough times for 10 different plagues to come upon Egypt!

 credit: drawforgod.com

And for each time the Pharaoh did not show ultimate acquiescence, the plague would become worse. Still, the Pharaoh would not be convinced of the sovereignty of Moses' God. (Until the final plague of course.)

What a story of (not) letting go!

Fast forward 3000+ years.

We've got gadgets. And gadgets to hold things (like other gadgets.)

Do we really need them?

Depending on your situation, well of course!

credit: wired.it

Ever seen those Praying Mantis smartphone holders lunging out the dashboard or window? At the end of which was a suction cup or something more complicated? 

Yes we've all seen them. (And cringed a little.)

It's time to let go, the Moses of BEZALEL says.

Minimize to something minimalist-chic, something fast-charging, something tech-advanced.

Something like Omnia

Omnia wireless car charger

  • iPhone owners; use with tailor-made BEZALEL CASES FOR iPHONE 8 and ABOVE
  • fast-charges up to 15W
  • soon live on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo (and worth buying while special prices are active)

BEZALEL's burning bush is proud of those letting go of the Praying Mantis in-car contraption smartphone holder. Should you hold onto it a little longer, may you still be blessed with the passing over of all things creepy crawly.