How to Wirelessly Charge iPhones

iPhones Don't Have Wireless Charging

That is, before the iPhone 8 (assuming that iPhone 8 has wireless battery charging capability.) So iPhone 7, iPhone 6, etc. need a device to enable wireless charging to its battery.

As a side note: there is a difference between a wireless charging case and wireless charging battery case. The wireless charging battery case comes with an extra battery attached so you add extra length to phone usage, but you also add bulk and weight. Also, many popular brands limit lightning port usage.

The wireless charging case on the other hand, is simply a case that enables your iPhone to be charged when placed on a wireless charger. Something like the Latitude is ideal because it can charge universally, that is, it's Qi and PMA standard enabled; the magnetic alignment is built to keep your phone land on the charging sweet spot and stay put; and it's lightweight, thin, yet strong and firm.

Place the Latitude-encased iPhone on a Qi-charging wireless pad or a PMA-charging wireless pad (in public places or furniture that's made available) and your iPhone's battery will get charged.

How You Can Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone

1) Get a a charge-receiving device. Like the Latitude. Some folks call it the wireless charging case, wireless charging receiver case, or charge-receiving case, but the fact is, if you have an iPhone and want to charge your phone wirelessly, you need a case (or a wireless charger receiver patch) that enables iPhones wireless charging.

2) Attach it to your iPhone. Once you have such a charge-receiving case that enables wireless charging, securely encased your iPhone with it.

3) Start charging. Simply set your iPhone on top of a wireless charging pad and begin a completely. Different. iPhone battery charging. Experience. 

Wireless Charging Pad Futura X 

What makes the Futura X wireless charging pad different from other wireless charging pads? BEZALEL's products are inspired by Apple and Apple's design. So the beauty of simple, sleek and modern minimalism is a huge characteristic that differentiates BEZALEL from competing brands.

The Futura X wireless charging pad is a high-end wireless charging device; and premium-brand quality means dependability. This Qi-enabled wireless charger will not suddenly become defect or break on you. With optimal heat dissipation, magnetic positioning and high-efficiency powering, the Futura X will charge your phone effectively and harmlessly.

See here for more on Qi, PMA, safety, and related info.

Why Choose Wireless?

There are many reasons, like convenience and freedom, but you just have to try it for yourself before you can make any opinion, especially based on some faulty information. We've gotten used to unplugging and plugging wires into our phones constantly. But once this seemingly trivial act gets eliminated, it's a very different feeling. And you won't want to go back.

1 Major Misconception about Wirelessly Charging Your Phone

The idea that wireless chargers will actually make things worse for your phone is a misconception. This depends on how you use it; like leaving your phone or wireless charging device in the car in excessively high heat, buying a low-quality wireless charger, or dropping your phone w/ the wireless case on it.

The major misconception is that the heat from the charger will be bad for the battery. Most phone models are designed to temporarily shut down, as a certain amount of heat or high temperature will trigger this feature, and won't let you use it until it has cooled down. Phone battery doesn’t get harmed or adversely affected by the wireless charger itself; it's normally other factors that have to do with improper usage or the quality of device(s).