Latest In-Car Wireless Charger for Your Smartphone

Highly popular and selling fast, BEZALEL's newest in-car wireless charger Omnia SE is the less esoteric and more 'automatic' version of the first Omnia.

It features some transformer-like mechanics like smart motorization, sensors, and different ways to place into your car interior or fit your personal preference.

The new Omnia SE fast-charges (up to 10W) any qi-enabled smartphone whereas the first Omnia, while perfect for iPhone users who love the Nano-Suction feature, is best fit for iPhone holders with glossy-surfaced cases -- hence, the first version Omnia comes with the glossy case, designed for several different iPhone models.

The new Omnia SE will charge your phone (Android or iPhone) regardless of glossy-surfaced cases as long as the phone has built-in wireless charging capability, Qi-charging.

Omnia SE features some fancy mechanical niceties such as the Smart Auto sensor. The charging device has arms that open and close to securely 'hold' your phone in place once it senses your phone's placement. It also has adjustable feet that caters to your phone's height!

At the bottom corners of the the device are touch sensors that respond to your finger's slight contact. Touch the sensor and the arms will open so you can grab your phone as you hop out of your vehicle.

Perhaps another very attractive feature is the 3 different ways the Omnia SE wireless charger can be installed into your car--however you-the-driver want to set it. It can be placed as an Air Vent Mount, a Dashboard Mount, or a Windshield Mount.

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