5 Reasons We Need Wireless Car Chargers Like Omnia

Car vent mount phone-holders now come as doubly functioning gadgets. They hold up phones and charge them at the same time, wirelessly. We can focus on the road and ensure our phones are getting charged.

Qi Wireless Charger Car Vent Mount for Mobile Phones

Those who use mounts usually charge their phones through conventional cables: one side connected to the lightning port and the other plugged into the car's USB port. The difference with wireless charging car vent mounts is that the cord is connected to the mount, not the phone.

Car vent mounts for mobile devices usually come in two different forms: magnetic pad or cradle dock. They range in size and the features will make them range in price.

The cradle dock is usually quite colossal in size, with clasping arms and a large base. One may mistake it for a robot praying mantis, dentist chair dentist, or mini tractor built for display on your car’s dashboard. The horror….

Here are 5 reasons why we need wireless charging car vent mounts, especially something like the Omnia.

Top 3: Safety

We've all been there. We put our phones on the passenger seat and it slides off. It falls on the floor or falls through the cracks. Not anymore.

To decrease driver distraction is to decrease and prevent accidents, hazards, etc. Phone holders decrease distraction on multiple levels, but with wireless charging, things just got even simpler.

#1  Drivers can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel. The magnetic grip of the charger will keep your cellphone in one place.

#2  Drivers don't have to fiddle with wires, connecting and disconnecting them into the phone's lightning port. The phone will always be charging as its securely adhered to the charger.

#3  If any urgent matter arises, the act of grabbing and going can be vital for quick-thinking times. We'd also have the peace of mind that our phone is charged!

The extra steps of constantly plugging and unplugging into the phone's lightning port seems trivial, but has significant impact in the flow of everyday life, especially when rushing.

The act of grab-n-go is not only safe but also liberating.

Freedom of Convenience 

#4  To opt for an improved charging experience & lighter-feeling lifestyle (yes lighter-feeling!) a compact, premium-quality, magnetic wireless car charger is worth a fair try.

The benefit of having such convenience is one, stable cord. This is the cord that connects from your car’s power source to the wireless charger--the car’s power source being:

A) the in-vehicle USB port built into the car’s center console, or

B) BEZALEL's twin-USB adapter that comes with the Omnia.

By keeping the cord affixed to the charger--and the phone free of wires--the driver can use the vent mount like a wireless charging station and never again use the lightning connector and port to constantly attach and detach to one’s phone.

You can easily grab the phone off the charging pad at will, need and freedom.

#5  Small / compact / stylish. Car owners who are particular about items in their car's interior may appreciate that the Omnia design is reminiscent of luxury cars like Tesla or BMW i3 and BMW i8.  

Certain gadgets are meant to be. They're not an eyesore but show off the taste and personality of the driver and car. 

BEZALEL's Omnia highlights minimalism, futuristic elegance, quality and class.