5 Essential Things to do While Working from Home

1) De-clutter Your Space

Designer and poet William Morris said, "Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". In other words, only keep in your living space what's useful or beautiful.

'Useful and/or beautiful' is a good rule of thumb when throwing out, cleaning up, and organizing for a minimal, de-cluttered space--especially a work space that'll help you stay focused, undistracted, and clear-minded.


2) Prioritize Tasks According to Most Essential

Domesticity and work are not as starkly divided in today's culture as they used to be.

An overlapping to-do list of work and domestic obligations is common; and when working from home, this can be better sorted and accomplished with more satisfaction by prioritizing according to what's most essential.


3) Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Many of us have heard the tip about not working or doing anything other than sleep on your bed. It's also probably best to work as far away from your sleep space as possible.

The sleep space should be associated only with sleep and relaxation. Thus, practicing good sleep hygiene isn't only about shutting down and winding down, but giving the sleep space its own territory.

4) Have a Selective Grocery List

Unless you know exactly what type of bread or what type of mayo to buy every single time, the habit of specifying your grocery list according to health and diet needs are solid reminders to stay consistent with those needs or goals.

"No high-fructose corn syrup, low-sodium, organic ketsup"; details like this might feel tedious at first but they can help you stay focused on your health & nutrition in ways that'll make you selective and mindful about what you put into your body.

5) Keep Conscious about Mobility

Some people can't exercise or work out at home. And with current restrictions about outdoor activity and gathering, it's even harder to stay in shape.

However, we can count our victories in the small things if we're conscientious about our mobility. Take advantage of stairs, chairs, and any physical activity to be intentional about putting those limbs and muscles to use.

Deep breathing exercises and stretching are also great ways to prevent slipping into a sedentary lifestyle when working from home.