Wireless Charging and Its Benefits

December 18, 2017

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging (also known as inductive charging) is a convenient, hassle-free way to power up mobile devices. It uses electromagnetic fields instead of a cord to transfer power between the charging station and device, eliminating the need for wires.

It’s a proven concept used for many years in wirelessly charged household appliances like electric toothbrushes (recharged via wireless docking station.)

What is Qi Wireless Charging?

Qi (pronounced “chi”) is the dominant international wireless charging standard. It was developed in 2008 by the Wireless Power Consortium for power transfer over short distances (up to 4 cm or 1.6 inches). Qi is the technology standard used in BEZALEL’s wireless chargers. “Chi” is a Chinese term that translates roughly to mean “natural energy” or “energy flow.”

BEZALEL’s chargers uses the global Qi wireless charging standard compatible with most current mobile devices. All that’s required for wireless charging is the wireless charging pad and a Qi-enabled smartphone. Non Qi-equipped devices (such as the iPhones prior to the iPhone 8) can be made compatible through a Qi receiver patch, or a charge-receiving case like BEZALEL's Latitude case, one for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7.

Is it Safe?

Not to worry: wireless charging is safe. After decades of extensive research on possible health effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded there is no evidence to support the claim that low level EMF exposure can cause negative health issues.

Evidence shows there is actually less risk with a wireless charger compared to traditional chargers. Why? Your body will have limited contact with the charger while it’s on. EMF emissions produced by wireless chargers (particularly Qi) have already been proven safe for humans.

Additionally the notion that wireless charging pads can damage the phone or its battery is a myth. If using a low-quality wireless charger, there are chances of that happening but most high-quality wireless charging pads like the Futura X are built to prevent damage to the phone while in use.

It’s normal for a device to get slightly warm during wireless charging. Conventional plug-in chargers also feel warm to the touch while charging. BEZALEL’s wireless charging pads, like the Futura X, emits only non-ionizing energy, and this is harmless.

The Most Exquisite, Fast-charging, Thinnest Wireless Charger, FUTURA X

The Futura X by BEZALEL has gained popularity for being extremely stylish. It boasts modern features of being sleek, chic, and minimal. Not only known for good looks, the Futura X is incredibly thin and lightweight, making it highly portable and easy to carry around. Business Insider made it a point to mention BEZALEL twice as one of the Best Wireless Chargers out there.

BEZALEL's Futura X is also fast-charge. It's able to charge smartphones faster than the wireless charging pads currently in the mass market. Depending on your phone's model, you can charge your phone quickly as well as conveniently. Check here to see if your phone is compatible with the Futura X, the best wireless charger for people with taste.

Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Charging

1) Any persons with difficulty using their fingers, hands, wrists or arms to constantly plug and unplug cable cords would benefit. Wireless charging pads eliminate the need to plug cables into your phone’s USB port and they give you a fixed station (a home) for your phone.

2) They're safer for kids and families with small children. Often times, young ones crawl, bite, and put things in their mouths. And kids that start drawing and cutting things will reach for wires. The chances for any of these kinds of hazards happening are vastly reduced in households and classrooms that don't have cords lying around.

3) It's better for the environment, as it reduces (toxic) waste.

4) You save money on the long run because there's no need to purchase extra cords every time you break or lose cables.

5) Reduce the wear-and-tear of your smartphone's USB port. In general, your smartphone's hardware will remain well in tact simply because you're deceasing the wear-and-tear of your phone's hardware.

Convenience and the Future 

Using cords are a hassle and often an eyesore, but they remain necessary to charge smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices--something BEZALEL is determined to change. Wireless charging lets you ditch the cables and eliminate the need to constantly plug and unplug cables--into the wall and USB port of your smartphone.

In addition to offering great products like the Futura X, BEZALEL is working to make wireless charging omnipresent, (like wifi hotspots,) so people can power up wirelessly in more and more public spaces.

Imagine sitting down at your favorite café and charging your phone automatically simply by placing it on a table, in any airport or hotel, cars, trains, planes and other forms of mass transit; the possibilities for wireless charging are endless.

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