Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Your Mobile Dad

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dads Tech Savvy or Not

Even if your father or husband is not tech savvy, new wireless charging pads for smartphones will make him feel tech savvy.

With the freedom and convenience of wireless charging he won't be behind in mobile technology. Show him that wireless charging replaces the everyday hassle of the conventional micro USB plug-in cord.

This easy gift guide will help you effortlessly choose the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Which one is your dad?

The Outdoor Dad

Wireless Charging outdoor charger

He loves travel, takes you camping every chance you get, and enjoys outdoor activities and sports.

The Prelude is the perfect portable wireless charging pad—a power bank that will keep his iPhone, Samsung, etc. charged to 100% whether he’s fishing, golfing, bowling or jet skiing.

The Busy Dad

He avoids long lines and does not like waiting. This dad always has something to do, somewhere to be, orders Amazon Prime and likes to get things done fast.

If he has the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+ or later models of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series, the Futura X Turbo is a quick-charging wireless charger that will not disappoint.

His phone will charge fast, from 0% to 75% in 85 minutes and 1.4 times faster than conventional charging.

Office Desk Job Dad

He works constantly at his desk and deserves to be reminded that he’s loved and appreciated every moment.

The adjustable and magnetic desk mount allows him to set the wireless charging pad vertically or horizontally. He can place his iPhone, Samsung, etc. facing him at all times.

The Apple Lover Dad

He’s an Apple fan. His MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch confirm it; and he has asked you to watch the Steve Jobs movie with him.

BEZALEL’s minimalistic and simple design is meant to echo Apple. 

The Latitude case (for iPhone 7, iPhone 6 or 6+, iPhone 6s or 6s+) and BEZALEL’s wireless charging pads resemble Apple’s sleek and polished design.

The Latitude doubles as protective iPhone case and universal magnetic receiver for Qi wireless charging and PMA wireless charging.

This means he can charge it at Powermat stations in Starbucks, certain lamps on Ikea, charging pads inside a multitude of cars, and on any of the chic wireless charging pads: Futura X, Futura X Turbo, Prelude.

Happy Father's Day to all Dads!