Low Battery Anxiety

When it comes to our handheld devices, low battery anxiety is a real thing. More than ever, we’re using our phones for a variety of purposes. Transactions at stores, restaurants, and barber shops for instance can be made by our phones, which have taken place of the beloved conventional cash register.

A 2016 survey by LG shows 90% of us are panicked about losing power on our phones.

  • 71% won’t lend their charger even if it’s a backup.
  • 60% blamed a dead phone for not speaking to a loved one.
  • 46% feel embarrassed to ask a stranger to use their charger.
  • 33% delayed a date or meeting because of low battery.
  • 32% will ‘drop everything’ to head home and charge phones.
  • 17% of males missed match on a dating app because phone died.

(Data from Kwikboost)

How Wireless Charging Helps Low Battery Anxiety

battery anxiety

Source: ChargeTech

We operate electronics, security systems, schedule a flight around the globe, and do business with the pictures and videos on our phones. Our significant activities and exchanges, including human relationships, have all become tightly organized and highly digitized in the compact machinery that fits in the palm of our hands.

No wonder we have low battery anxiety.

Source: Tripit.com

Wireless charging can help.

With portable power banks like the Prelude or an incredibly thin and lightweight wireless charging pad like the Futura X, you can take re-charging wireless power where ever you go.

They offer peace of mind; they offer backup. Being far from electric plugs or power sources does not have to be a cause for worry or anxiety. Rest assured, we can detach from wall sockets and extension cords.

One of the benefits of wireless charging

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With BEZALEL, you don't need different devices for different phone models (LG, Samsung, iPhone, etc.) like the way you'd need different cables for each.

So if your friend or family has a different phone, check out the list on BEZALEL's website; it's likely their phone will charge on the Futura X, Prelude, and if they have the Latitude, definitely the Omnia.

For Futura X wireless charging pad compatibility see this page. For Prelude compatibility see this page. Compatible smartphones include models from iPhones, Samsung, Motorola, Google, LG, and Nokia.