IKEA Wireless Charging

wireless charging IKEA

Wireless Charging on Furniture

Wanna charge your smartphone, perhaps the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X on FURNITURE? How convenient and fantastic would it be to set your phone on a nightstand, coffee table, or lamp and your phone begins to charge!

IKEA, the massive furniture retailer located all throughout the world, carries this very cutting-edge technology for wire-free, cordless living inside homes. It's the perfect way to transition from the chaos of tangled and disorderly cords to a minimalist and easier lifestyle.

Some Fun Facts about IKEA

  • 2 of the top 5 largest IKEA stores in the world are in South Korea. South Korea is #1 and #4 in the ranking of where the world’s largest IKEA stores are located. Sweden is #2 and China is #3 and #5.
  • There are 45 IKEA stores in the United States. The first one built in the U.S. was in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.
  • An American furniture chain store based in Southern California called, STØR, was bought by IKEA. STØR carried ready-to-assemble furniture whose style was European.
  • An episode of The Simpsons in 1992, "Lisa the Beauty Queen,” parodies STØR with "SHØP" by showing a building with the colors of IKEA.

    Adopting a Wireless Lifestyle, the Benevolently Stylish Choice

    Discover wireless charging that offers a simpler and stylish living. Going from the mess and tangles of cords to wireless charging when it comes to our phones, does take some getting used to. It requires a bit of trust and faith: just set it down and watch your phone power up. You'll not want to spend one more dollar on a cord. Start with your living room, bedroom, or office desk.

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