Hurricane Harvey's Nameless Heroes

Source: NBC News

National Guards, Officers, Soldiers, Airmen, Volunteers

As national guards, police, volunteers, and civilians continue to sweep through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it’s no secret that people’s lives of both Texas and Louisiana have been profoundly affected by the storm.

Source: NY Air National Guard

An astounding number of automobiles were swallowed up, homes ruined, and businesses swamped. People, communities, and families needed all the help they could get at the time of the storm and are still needing help today.

Source: ABC News

Those who came to the rescue were many nameless men and women from all over the country—national guards, officers, airmen, soldiers, and random people whose manpower, strength, and selflessness to bring people to safety, were concretely part of the “relief” in “Hurricane Harvey Relief”.

Source: NBC News

BEZALEL’s Contribution to Houston

Though only actual people—such as the numerous people who worked to do their part in the dangerously wet and dismal cold —can provide the sort of help that only human eyes, voice, hands, legs and arms can offer, BEZALEL wants to extend help as well.

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Thumbnail image by Getty Images (Joe Raedle).