Start with the Gift of Thankfulness this Father's Day!

Dads need love and attention too. Make 2019 Father's Day super special with these top 5 awesome gifts. See below for BEZALEL's fantastic Father's Day special!

#1 Make Every Week Father's Day with Letters for a Year of Gratitude

Chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things, "Letters for a Year of Gratitude" by ChronicleBooks is a marvelous way to send greetings of gratitude and love to your dad!

Solemnly swear you'll send your dad a thank-filled note (reminders, greetings, etc!) on a regular basis until next Father's Day!!

52 notes for 52 weeks!!

How about if you include the Prelude! A completely portable, fully mobile wireless charger that sticks to the back of the phone w/ nano-suction technology. It even recharges through another wireless charger!

Heads up! The 18W power adapter (free w/ any purchase now) super-speed re-charges the Prelude and other fast-charging devices.

#2 Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Electric Juicer

Add a little protein here, pinch of Moringa powder there, teaspoon of turmeric here... the list of healthy supplements in today's hyper health conscious, smoothie- and juice-drinking population goes on and on!

Dad takes a morning walk? Needs more fruit and veggies in his diet? Doesn't everyone!

Good thing great juicers don't have to be in the hundreds-of-dollars range.

Check out the juice extractors by Hamilton Beach, one of the best presents for good health and happiness!

And while your dad's juicing on the kitchen countertop, he can place his smartphone on the fast-charging, sleek, sturdy Altair.


#3 Apple AirPods w/ Wireless Charging Case

Tech-savvy dad?

Go fully wireless!

We all need headphones and earbuds; and most certainly, freedom that comes with cordless and wireless everyday devices!

Gift Dad this Father's Day Apple's AirPods with Wireless Charging Case!

And notice; BEZALEL's fast-charging super sleek wireless charger, Futura X will charge up them AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (and any Qi-enabled phones)! How awesome is that?

#4 Speaking of which.. Best Wireless Chargers for Your Dad's iPhone

A lot of dads drive a lot. Some read a lot, watch a lot of TV, and hang out outside a lot.

BEZALEL's ecosystem caters to different lifestyles and chargers are designed to power up the latest iPhones and Qi-enabled phones in modern minimalist, sleek high-tech style.

No fluff, no bluff, just beautiful and highly functioning.

#5 RVS Wireless Waterproof Backup Camera

RVS-020813 WiFi Backup Camera connects via WiFi to a smartphone!

Download their free app "GoVue"™ and Dad will get rearview footage when he backs up the car.

He can also record or take picture shots!

If your dad has the iPhone 8 or any model above iPhone 8, Omnia plus Glossy Case is the in-car wireless charger perfect match! Always charging, always dependable.

Get 20% Off Now Anything on the Website! Use code: FATHER20. Happy Father's Day!