Best Wireless Chargers for the Latest iPhones

Perhaps a super fantastic Father's Day gift! Perhaps just a super fantastic gift in general! What is it? But of course! Nifty and handy smartphone battery charging devices, that is, wireless charging.

And wireless charging technology isn't going anywhere, especially now that Apple has made their iPhones wireless charging capable starting with the iPhone 8!

If you or someone you know has an iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, XS, XS Max, or iPhone XR, surprise them with a wireless charging set! For a limited time, BEZALEL is giving you a free, fast-powering 18W wall adapter with any purchase! This fancy pants wall adapter will make you want to show it off!

And that is not a banal thing.

PRELUDE Best Wireless Charger for iPhones for On-the-go Maximum Mobility

This Red Dot Award winner has nano-suction technology that sticks the back of your phone, so you can go anywhere and pretty much do anything while your phone is powering up!

Prelude is the most advanced portable battery backup in the market for your Qi-enabled smartphone. Get the glossy case for your specific iPhone model to maximize the nano-suction functionality! Powerful, fast-charging, compact and totally portable. It even gets recharged by another wireless charger!

ALTAIR Best Wireless Charger for iPhones for Desktop Use

What is a minimalist's best friend? Nothing!

Get it?

Alright, so it can't be nothing or there will be no "minimalism" to begin with! Altair's unique design can be the minimalist's best friend, but it's certainly not minimal in power and function!

Altair's design with the free open bottom space lets you use your phone's USB port or headphone jack! So you can wirelessly charge and make use of your phone's audio feature at the same time!

Chic shape and quality texture, Altair is the best fast-charging wireless charger for iPhones for desktop use!

OMNIA Best Wireless Charger for iPhones to Charge in Your Car

Commuting back and forth to work? Frequent long drives?

Regardless! If you're an automobile driver and want to keep your iPhone stable and fixed at somewhat eye level, and without the hassles of large contraptions, suction cups, or car interior eyesore, Omnia is perfect!

Perfectly minimalist and effective, Omnia + Glossy Case for your latest iPhone pair for optimal nano-suction technology performance.

It shall keep you focused on the road and eyes off your lap! (Which is often where we have our phone! And not recommended!)

FUTURA X Best Original Wireless Charger for iPhones

Futura X is the flattest wireless charger on earth!

(No such measurement has been verified by comparing it to every single flat wireless charger on the earth.)

But it is incredibly flat, thin, and perfect for portability and amping up your interior taste in style. 

It is indeed extremely stylish. (Cat call in the background).

Don't forget your beauty queen friends, Futura X looks sleek on vanity and makeup tables; and makes for a quick and easy way to charge your phone with finishing up that glamorous Insta-ready look.

Use code: THANKSDAD on the website and get your fancy pants free 18W power adapter with any purchase. (Be sure to add the 18W adapter in the cart at check out!!)