Wireless Chargers in Post-Covid Times

Wireless charging devices come in handy during the Covid period of our world today. Maybe even more than ever. Although public activities, social gatherings, and convening in businesses have severely limited throughout the country, wireless chargers are not only less unsanitary, but provide great benefits from usage.

How to enjoy wireless charging around the house?

Cooking at home more than ever? View your recipes and pictures while your phone stands up right with the fast-charging Altair desktop wireless charger. Keep it at eye level while you get hands on with your food and prance around the kitchen. 

With more at-home work hours, we can imagine how warm your chair gets. The Altair wireless desktop charger props your phone up landscape or portrait mode for you to place over easily and quickly, and without touching it.

Less touching means less chances; the less wires you have to touch and hold in your hand, the less chances of getting anything on your hand.

The Futura X wireless charging pad lets you place your phone on top of it and forget about it. Fast-charging and a nice eye candy for the office and home, you can grab only your phone without touching and fiddling around with anything else.

Not only is it overall a ‘cleaner’ method, but the minimalist style and design upgrades your interior with a cleaner look as well.

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