Does the iPhone 8 Have Wireless Charging?

A lot of high-end Android phones such as the Galaxy S7, Microsoft Lumia and Google Nexus 6 feature wireless charging.

Is it finally time for Apple to introduce wireless charging with the release of the iPhone 8?

Apple, Qi Charging, and Wireless Charging

Apple already uses Qi charging for Apple Watch but rumors suggest Apple will join the wireless charging revolution, given they've joined the Wireless Power Consortium.

The Consortium works on Qi charging technology. 

This means the iPhone 8 may feature wireless charging.

"Apple is joining the Wireless Power Consortium to be able to participate and contribute ideas to the open, collaborative development of future wireless charging standards," said the company.

We would have to wait to be sure but wireless charging is likely to be the next new prominent feature.

iPhone Wireless Charging and Market Growth for Wireless Chargers

Apple's competitors already use Qi charging, so iPhone wireless charging would make bring them up-to-date with contemporary charging methods and encourage iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 users to upgrade.

In 2016 (when compared to the previous year) the wireless charging market grew by 40%. This was largely due to the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note7. Current trends predict further increase in market growth.

In 2017, the market is expected to double to around 375 million devices.

The latest player LG will add wireless charging to their G6 phone; Dell announced a laptop with wireless charging capabilities; and automakers are turning to wireless charging as a solution for electric cars.

If the iPhone 8 were to feature wireless charging, this could mean a mega boost in the wireless charging industry . According to Global Data, Apple would be the “catalyst that would drive enough volume."

Wireless Charging Right Now

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