Top Back-to-School Musts under $50

Earhoox 2.0

Designed specifically for Apple EarPods & AirPods, Earhoox is made to keep yours firmly in place so they don't fall out your ears. Prevent the constant fuss of adjusting, fixing, and placing those little pods in your ears! Comes in small and large, and made with the flexible silicone material. $9.99

Kensington Combination Cable Lock

For laptops and other devices. Need to briefly step away from your chair and don't want to lose your spot or pack up your stuff? Here's a great way to secure your laptop and your seat, (and not have to ask the person sitting next to you to "please watch your stuff"!)

Place the carbon steel cable around a fixed object and secure the other end to the Kensington Security Slot. Easy, strong, and preventative. $29.99

Logitech Multi-device Wireless Keyboard K480

A multi-keyboard indeed! Works with your computer, smartphone, or tablet! Bluetooth wireless connection and a crafty built-in cradle that holds your device upright for readying and typing so you don't need a separate stand! (Accommodates most smartphones and tablets.)

What a handy and useful device for taking notes and polishing those essays! $49.99

Futura X Wireless Charging Pad

Whether in the library, at the coffeeshop, or working on a project with a partner, the Futura X wireless charging pad--known and picked for best wireless charger for portability--will charge your phone at your desk while you work away at your computer. Seriously sleek and seriously slim, impress your friends and teachers with this BEZALEL beauty. $49.99