The Future is Wireless ⚡️ (witricity)

If a tech fortune-teller looked into a crystal ball and told the future, bets are that he/she would mention the prevalence of wireless charging in the everyday living for people with a car, computer, and/or phone.

Less than a year ago, NPR did a bit on wireless charging devices for everyday use and the prospects of it for the future.

Research analyst David Green, who covers the wireless power sector at IHS Markit, shares, "By 2025, you'll be talking over 2 billion devices a year will ship with wireless charging. The biggest challenge will be to persuade people to give the new technology a try. When people do start using it, they love it. So the difficulty is getting it into that first use."

Dorothy, We're Not in Cord Land Anymore

Most people still use cords to charge their smartphones but interestingly enough, Bluetooth functions and wireless earphones have been embraced much faster for mass consumers, not to mention electric shavers, toothbrushes, and keyboards.

Whether or not the mass is ready to begin using wireless charging for their phones, the fact is, it is now projected that every new smartphone model especially from the major cellphone makers, are designing phones with built-in wireless charging capability.

Cars, Computers, and Bedside Tables, Oh My!

Cars and motor vehicles in different shapes, sizes, and prices are also coming out with wireless charging pads built into the consoles or some part of the automobiles. Tesla's new models have them in the backseat for passengers as well.

Dell's new laptop allows users to take advantage of wireless charging so that people can just place their computers on top of a mat; and it begins to charge.

Jesse Costa/WBUR (npr)

With DIY tutorials always spurring new methods for conveniently and inexpensively tailor-making gadgets and knick knacks for our daily living, one can now even build a wireless charger into a table, lamp, or center console of cars.

With technology's advancements springing forth something newer and more efficient than what was previous, the prevalence of wireless charging our everyday devices is certainly not bound to toothbrushes and electric razors.

Giving Wireless Charging a Try, but Remember Not Fully "Wireless"

Like anything else, not every device is created equally and not every device will deliver a completely satisfactory experience when it comes completely changing the way we power up our devices.

One of the reasons for the reluctance is the disappointment in discovering that wireless doesn't literally mean that there are no wires. Even the fully portable power bank, like the Prelude, needs to be charged up from a power source.

In other words, our power initially needs to come from somewhere. And the point to wireless chargers nowadays is the simple fact that you place you smartphone on top of something without the plugging and unplugging of USB cable cords.

So to take David Green's words--"getting it into that first use"--it takes a few tries and some time to discover that fully portable or not, wireless charging is still way more convenient and freeing than the traditional method.

Start with something like the Futura X, the only wireless charging pad championed by Business Insider as one of the best for portability. And to that, let's add style and just the right amount of pizazz.