The Fast Life with BEZALEL

Everything is fast these days. Fast cars; fast shipping; fast food; fast, fast, fast.

Why? People really don't like to wait.

Are we there yet?

We've got things to do, places to go, people to meet, and tasks to accomplish. Who has the time to wait?

On waiting. Philosopher, professor, and writer Raymond Tallis tells us: "waiting reflects our helplessness, our inability to control the pace as well as the course of events."

Clutching onto every ability to control the pace and course of things? Who can blame us? Indeed, not fun to feel helpless or reminded of how vulnerable we really are.

Perhaps another way to remedy such thing is the use of technology.

Tech keeps us up to speed and helps us perform our daily living.

Say, for example, going back to the topic of "fast", fast-charging your handy cellphone.

Yes, it has become a grave truth. Grave truth. We live with a smart device or don't live at all. That is, live in a different pace... (place)....

Anyway, fast-charging has become quite common to smartphones. They've got the built-in Qi-enabled component for the purpose of wirelessly charging your cellphone.

In other words; have a cellphone? Can it be charged by a wireless charging device?

If so, it means it has built-in Qi-charging.

A lot of phones now have fast-wireless charging; meaning if you have a wireless charging device (like from BEZALEL) and it supports "fast-charging", it's going to: A) wirelessly charge your smartphone, B) wirelessly charge your smartphone fast.


But you may have already known this.

Check out BEZALEL's multi-functioning, RedDot award-winning, FAST-charging wireless charger named, "Prelude". Additionally, BEZALEL's super fast and super powerful 18W USB Power Adapter is going to speed up the waiting process when powering up your devices.

BEZALEL's Futura X wireless charging pad is fast-charging and so is the Altair wireless charging stand.

They may or may not assuage the feeling of helplessness as mentioned by Prof. Tallis.

(Quote source: © Prof. Raymond Tallis 2013).

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