Phone Cases & Accessories to Avoid for Wireless Charging

Why Some Cases & Accessories Will Prevent the Charge

You’ve probably already figured out whether your smartphone has wireless charging capability.

It depends on the device.

A lot of the times, like with previous iPhone models, a wireless charging enabler (case, attachment, sticker, etc.) is required to take advantage of the super convenient wireless charging pad or base (whether in your car, furniture, or a new gadget.)

Due to the inductive charging (wireless charging) method, the most important thing is that nothing is blocking the way between the charging pad and your specially encased smartphone.

For instance, they can’t be too far away from each other (the distance between the transmitter in the wireless charging pad and the phone must be less than 7mm.)

And they need to be touching at the right spot. The placement of this spot is the “sweet spot” and this depends on the devices at hand.

Accessories and cases to avoid when charging your phone wirelessly, as they will not work.

1) Phone cases with metal components (e.g. kickstand, ring, magnetic mount).


2) Phone cases with credit cards.

3) Phone cases that are too thick (more than 7mm) like the armor phone cases.

4) Phone cases that are battery cases, again, too thick (>7mm).

5) Metal kickstands

6) Ring holders

7) Pop sockets

Getting the Proper Case / Accessory for Wirelessly Charging Your Smartphone

Due to the various phone cases out there with different magnets, metals, accessories, and all the bells and whistles, it's important to get the right product so that your phone charges properly until 100%.

BEZALEL exclusively makes and designs cases and wireless charging pads to accommodate for the different phone models out there that most people are using today.

The Latitude facilitates wireless charging for both the recent iPhones as well as the older model iPhones. BEZALEL's Latitude has a specially placed magnet inside the case to properly place your smartphone on the charging sweet spot, and hold your device firmly on the pad.