October Drama iPhone XS Issue Solved

Depending on where you live, the beginning of October marks a lot of things; the ushering in of the real appearance of autumn, pumpkins in grocery markets and drug stores, and front yard displays of Halloween as a national holiday.

This year, the start of October marked the horror of battery charging snafus from the latest iPhones, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Different complaints about a similar situation (phones not receiving a proper charge) popped up here and there, eventually becoming the top headline for tech-consumer news.


The unanimous complaint was that one's iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max would not charge when the lightning cable was plugged in. In some cases, the phone had to be stirred awake from its idle state for battery charging to happen. Something along these lines.

Lew, a popular tech vlogger and YouTube celebrity of "Unbox Therapy" which has over 12 million subscribers, poignant remarked: "The ability to recharge your phone, I mean, that's like step one. That is a key ingredient to your smartphone experience"--a great reminder of course, that the fundamentals, no matter how advanced the gizmos and gadgets, will never diminish in significance.

Thankfully, Apple's new iOS 12.0.1 software update is meant to fix this very battery charging issue with the sleepy iPhone XS devices. Problem solved. Or perhaps to be solved... (Why couldn't we leave open a small expectation of corner-turning surprises?)

Anton Novoderezhkin | TASS | Getty Images

Just update your phone and there you have it, issue is fixed. The denouement of October's iPhone battery horror fest shall be the following scenario: cozy blanket, warm socks, hot chocolate, and the one and only, a most sublime object in today's epoch--the smartphone, operating perfectly at the palm of your hands with battery percentage in the high 90s.

God forbid; we do not and cannot lose power.

Moreover. BEZALEL is in the business (literally) of remedying the predicament with power. (Ya need a charge?)

After one has downloaded the iOS software update and gained the peace of mind that one's phone will be at 100% come morning time, one might have a moment to entertain the thought: 'What does wireless charging feel like anyway? Why does Lew from Unbox Therapy use it so much?' And one just might think of power charging in ways one hasn't before.


One may even go out of one's way to try it, and end up hating it or loving it. Or one may have no such feelings and end up rather unconsciously utilizing both because we all use training wheels before learning to bike.

Whichever the case, godspeed. You are the maker of your own October.