Let the Freedom of Wireless Charging Ring

Let the Freedom of Wireless Charging Ring into the Future!

The notion of freedom could be determined by the history of man's consciousness: once we have grasp of the context in which the notion of freedom is entertained by man, we can put the topic of conversation--freedom--into context.

BEZALEL's context: time--2014 to current; place--Los Angeles, CA; people--20's to 30's immigrants (or products of immigrants); mixed classes; college graduates; playful, compassionate, bright-minded and hard-working food & animal lovers.

So what does BEZALEL, a startup company passionate about bringing wireless charging to the world, have anything to do with freedom? Let's begin with practical matters.

Wires and cords are a hassle and they're messy. The simplicity of going through less toil by eliminating this as much as possible while still being able to use electronics is mentally and physically freeing.

While some charging devices themselves, like the Prelude, still need to be charged up (that is, with the requirement of a power source at some point) and while some, like the Futura X charging pad, need to remain hooked up to a power source, the fact that there is no constant plugging & unplugging to a device that we commonly need to grab at any given time, is a small step with big freeing convenience.

The elimination of this small act of constant plugging and unplugging is particularly helpful to busy folks: multi-tasking moms and dads; over-achieving students with unorthodox sleep/work/study schedules; the traveling businessperson/photography/vlogger; the gamer; the minimalist who cringes at the sight of clutter. In other words, anyone with hands and feet always kept busy can benefit from using wireless charging.

The elimination of this small act of consistent plugging and unplugging can mean a world of a difference especially to those with arthritis, nervous system disorders, disabilities or handicaps of various kinds. Thus BEZALEL believes in the practical freedom that wireless charging brings starting with freedom from the smallest of restraints that accumulate as mental and/or physical toil.

The more abstract sense of freedom to which BEZALEL attributes its mission is actually still quite concrete and practical. The mission, that is, the assignment still to be carried out and is being carried out, involves foretelling the plans to bring BEZALEL's heart of purpose for "good" into fruition.

This purpose is ultimately to provide a more freeing life where people aren't bound or constrained due to the necessity of cords and wires. BEZALEL's vision for greater freedom in the everyday lives of people has to do with power being supplied without distraction, extraneous labor, or bothersome limitations.

The fact that power is supplied nearly anytime and anywhere with the simplicity and convenience of form and function--unique to BEZALEL--is part of the "freedom" towards which BEZALEL's ongoing technological and aesthetic development progress.