KCS Health Center & Family Therapist Jungwon Kim

Clinician and therapist, Jungwon Kim, does double-duty work managing a busy and very special health clinic, as she serves the community of people undergoing drug addiction recovery and behavioral/mental health programs.

Passionate about the quality of services provided in Mental and Behavioral Health, Ms. Kim works with healing and recovery in mind for the societal crises she sees in homelessness and drug addiction.

KCS is an all-around multi-functioning clinic that provides many essential services for Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese and English speakers. It offers Primary Care, including Women's Health, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Dental, Acupuncture, Substance Use Programs, Social Community Services and even a recently-added Homeless Project.

BEZALEL wants to honor Marriage and Family Therapist, Jungwon Kim, and shed light on this multifaceted and vital venue that serves so many people who are in need. 

1) Ms. Kim, please tell us about yourself.

Before moving to the U.S., I was a clinical psychologist in South Korea. After coming here, I studied Marriage & Family Therapy and received my MFT license.

My licensing process took a long time but I finally completed it, and I’ve been working as a Mental Health Therapist. My specialty is in Behavioral Health Management and my priority is Patient Care. I also manage a Community Health Clinic.

2) What has impacted you to help you in your work? 

All of my own personal experiences, including being a mother as well as daughter, have helped me understand our patients, clients and their situations.

I've gained more compassion and continue to look for better ways to serve the patients.

I want to help people in our society who have limited resources or difficulties accessing beneficial services.

I do come across my own family or work issues, but I usually try to focus on relationships first. I try to balance relationship and work.

3) Please tell us about the clinic and behavioral health.

Our clinic is growing fast.

It's a small Korean Community Clinic but looks to be developing into a Federally Qualified Health Center that provides many different services.

The goal of KCS is to provide integrated care services, which include mental & behavioral health programs that go beyond just medical services.

We have a Wellness approach that I'm particularly passionate about.

There is no profit in Mental and Behavioral Health Service. Organizations (and society in general) have not made it easy to invest in such services, or, they like to avoid it altogether.

Our current situation, however, shows the crisis of drugs and homelessness, and we need programs and people to help them. KSC and I too want to keep our society within the margins of safety.

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Thank you Ms. Jungwon Kim for sharing the clinic and all that you and KCS have concerns for. BEZALEL wants to help expose the services KCS provides and bring to light the demand and need for programs you're involved in.

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