New iPhone 8 and iPhone X announced with wireless charging


2017 Apple Keynote Event - Wireless Charging Reveal

Today Apple introduced its newest iPhone releases: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. It was revealed that all new iPhones will have wireless charging capability--including fast charge--and use the Qi charging standard, a BEZALEL staple.

BEZALEL has always been ready and prepared for this day--since the beginning, as all its products are built for Qi standard transmitting wireless charging. Of course, BEZALEL's Latitude case for iPhones 6 & 7 is a universal wireless charging case that works on both Qi and PMA standards of wireless charging bases.


In addition to the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, Apple announced its new Apple Watch Series 3 (the first ever cellular watch,) and Apple TV 4K (where your TV viewing experience has just become mind-blowingly magical and magnified.)


Moreover, BEZALEL's wireless charging products will wirelessly charge Apple's cordless earphones, the AirPods, as their cases are wireless charging capable too.


How to Wirelessly Charge Apple AirPods

If you want to wirelessly charge your AirPods, the new AirPods wireless charging case will be needed. This will work on the Futura X, Futura X Turbo, and Prelude.

All BEZALEL Products Inspired by Apple

BEZALEL is the only company where the design of its complete line is inspired by Apple. They're built with the aesthetics of Apple in mind so they're not only functionally compatible but stylistically seamless. A BEZALEL wireless charging device will have the look, feel, and quality of something you'd get at an Apple store.

BEZALEL's Wireless Charging Ecosystem

To start wirelessly charging your new Apple products, one can see that BEZALEL already has an ecosystem of wireless charging that meets all our lifestyle needs. Everything is ready to go.

For outdoors in the woods, beach, carry-on, travel, or just to have one floating in the home unbound to anything, the fully portable power bank Prelude will charge your new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

In the office, at work, home, or wherever you take your computer with you; the Futura X is lightweight and thin enough to slip into your pocket.

In the car, you can snap the Omnia onto your car's AC vent and wirelessly charge your iPhone. It functions as a wireless charging base, a mount that holds up your phone so you can drive freely and safely, and a station that fixes a location onto which your phone can stay put.

How Do I Wireless Charge My New iPhone?

To wireless charge your new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or iPhone X; the Futura X is made just for that. If you want to wireless charge your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6, you can get the Latitude charge-receiving case and it'll enable it to wirelessly charge. 

The release date of iPhone 8:

Pre-order on September 15, available on September 22

The release date of iPhone X:

Pre-order on October 27, available on November 3