How to Use the Latitude Case with Omnia

BEZALEL’s powerful magnet packs a punch. Its newest wireless charger for in-car use, a magnetic AC vent mount, the Omnia, is the completion for car drivers who own a Latitude-encased iPhone. And soon for Samsung phone users too!

How the Latitude Case & Omnia Work

To use the Latitude and Omnia is like putting your child's artwork into a magnetic frame and sticking it on the refrigerator. Except the artwork now gets battery charged!

Just like that, if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, and want to mount and charge it wirelessly--without the use of your phone's lightning connector--the Omnia and Latitude are the perfect pair.

  1. Encase your iPhone with the Latitude case. Once the Latitude has snuggly encased your iPhone, you can place it on a wireless charging pad.
  2. Connect the USB-C cable to the Omnia and the other end to the twin-port adapter. You can also use your car's built-in USB port. This can become your fixed wireless charging station.
  3. Clamp the Omnia onto your car's air vent.
  4. Turn on your car and place your Latitude-encased iPhone on the Omnia. Get charged up wirelessly!

Omnia Latitude wireless charging

Wait. What is the Latitude again?

Wireless Charging Receiver Case for iPhones

BEZALEL's Latitude is a wireless charging charge-receiving case for iPhones 6 and iPhones 7. Thus far, iPhones need an extra device to get charged on a wireless charging device or pad, like in cars nowadays.

Charger Receiving Case Recommended by GM

The Latitude functions as a charger receiver and a firm case for minimalists who want to wirelessly charge their iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. It is the officially recommended device for GM vehicles that come with in-vehicle wireless charging.

GM latitude wireless charging case for iPhones