First Samsung Retail Store Opens in U.S.

First Ever Samsung Retail Stores Open in U.S.

It's an extremely exciting week for Samsung. In addition to the release of the new Galaxy S10, the Samsung retail store, which encompasses the Samsung Experience Center, will open in three locations throughout the country for the first time.

Samsung new retail store Los Angeles
Samsung new retail store Los Angeles

A Samsung Experience Center already exists in NY, but the doesn't allow customers to make any purchases. The retail stores let people not just experience the newest and latest of Samsung products, but allow people make purchases and attain one-on-one, technical assistance as well.

Like Apple's customer centers often found in Apple stores, Samsung has included a Care Center where people can have their specific needs met by Samsung specialists.

Stores will open in Los Angeles, Houston, and Long Island on February 20, 2019. With space-like features and modern, strategically-colored and lit decor; you feel like you've stepped into a cosmic shop that's reminiscent of a galaxy. What an exciting time for Samsung!

Samsung new retail store Los Angeles
Samsung new retail store Long Island

Additionally, the Galaxy S10 release is happening the same day. And like most new smartphone releases, the public will not know details about the phone until it has been revealed and released.

Samsung Galaxy S10Samsung s10

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