Hardware Engineer Shares Experience with Futura X

Orange County resident, John, was not a believer in wireless charging devices. 

While this 30-something hardware engineer was dubious when he started using the Futura X, he gave it a shot. Now he loves it, and even bought one for his wife!

John the hardware engineer shares his thoughts on how this super slim wireless charging device converted him from doubtful to decidedly impressed.

1) What sort of phone do you and your wife use?

Both of us use the iPhone 8.

2) What were your initial thoughts when you received the Futura X?

I bought it because our friends recommended it.

3) Did you feel the wireless charger wouldn't be useful in the beginning?

Yes, before I got the Futura X, I thought it may not be useful.

4) What made you change your mind? What happened?

Wireless charging is one of the new features for the iPhone 8 and X, so I just wanted to try the functionality with this particular charger.

5) How long were you using it?

I used it every day for a week to charge my phone before going to bed.

6) What are three words you would choose to describe your experience charging your phone with the Futura X?

Convenient, easy to use, fast.

7) What are three words you would use to describe the product itself?

Stable, beautiful, light-weight.

8) In what part of your home do you use the Futura X?

In our bedroom. My wife and I each put our Futura X's on both night stands.

9) What do you use your phone for most?

To check messages, emails, daily schedule and browsing social media applications.

10) What changes would you make to the Futura X to make it more to your own personal liking?

Since we are big fan of Apple products, we'd love to see a wireless charging pad dock for our phone, Airpods, and apple watch.

11) What do you want a wireless charging device to do for you?

A warning light telling me I didn’t place my appliance correctly.

12) What are top 3 factors that inform your decision when purchasing a product like this (cost, style, certain functions, etc.)?

The first is style and look of the product. We just redecorated our bedroom in a casual modern style. Our bedroom furniture color tone is white and amber brown, and we try to keep the decor simple and clean, even down to every detail. 

We try to keep the decor simple and clean, even down to every detail. ‘Style and look’ is one of the reasons we chose Futura X.

We do need a traditional charger, but it always makes the night stand look messy.

We want something (even appliances) to make the room look cohesive in the decor. This charger's design is very clean and simple, so we just assumed it would go very well with different styles in my home.

Second factor is the function. We never had any problems using the Futura X. Since it’s wireless, it makes “plugging” easier especially for parents who need to check their baby through smartphone apps at night.

With the traditional cable charger, we have to turn on the lamp. But the Futura X works just as good as a regular charger, except this is cool and wireless.

And the last factor would be price. Even though the Futura X is more expensive compared to other brands, I think all the advantages listed above make it worth every penny. We tried several different wireless chargers and we returned all of them.

So far, the Futura X is the only one that we kept and have actually purchased again!