Echoing Face-off: Boston vs. Los Angeles

Interesting fact.

It is for "the first time in history the Super Bowl matchup represents the same regions as the World Series opponents from the same season," NFL reporter Judy Battista announces.

That's right, about 3 months ago, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers were playing against each other in the 2018 World Series of Major League Baseball. And here we are, the two coastal cities facing off again in 2019 Super Bowl 53.

Usually, rivalry is imbued with antagonism, charged contention, and discord--sometimes long-stemmed discord from history--but of course, all done in good fun and team spirit. Evidently, however, social media threads and talk about the lack of team spirit and passion on the side of the ... eh ehm ... west coast, exist.

For instance, a viral video of "fan" reaction "proves L.A. isn't a football town."

However, one might scratch one's head coming across images of people with "Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl 53" tattooed across their forearm.

And there are, nevertheless, evidently, hardcore fans spread throughout the Golden State. So, should the sunshine state be ridiculed for not being as eloquent with their battling vernacular as, for instance, New England fans are?

Rams weren't around their hometown for an extended period of time, ya know. They were in St. Louis. Some suggest, that rather than LA-ers claiming the Rams as their team, fan-induced dueling of this season's game can be more about West Coast vs. East Coast, or more specifically, Los Angelenoes vs. New Englanders.

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