Top 7 Holiday Gifts for iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Tile Style

Can’t find your phone? Always looking for it around the house or car? This nugget of a tracker, the Tile App, will make your phone ring even if it’s on silent mode so that you can hear it call out, I'm here! I'm here! $35.

Revere Sport Water Resistant Sports Armband for Small & Large Arms

Water resistant armband by Revere will hold your iPhone 8 or iPhone X while you work out so you don’t have to hold anything in your hands. It has a secure key holder and the material is made to prevent moisture absorption. The reflective strip is perfect for nighttime joggers, though you should still steer clear from the road! $14.99.

Lifeprint Portable Photo & Video Printer for iPhone and Android

Tiny and super portable, wireless mini printing device by Lifeprint will print your Apple Live Photos, Snaps, Insta, and Facebook pictures! The Augmented Reality Hyperphoto Viewer feature will bring your photos alive with movement and animation! At $129.99 check it out on Amazon.

IKEA Varv Floor Lamp with Wireless Charging

Built-in wireless charging on LED desk lamps, floor and table lamp bases! Thanks IKEA! Keep your home clutter-free and wire-free with these modern-design lamps that have Qi charging built right in! Check out wireless charging with IKEA's furniture.

(REMEMBER if you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 7, you need a wireless charging enabling case like BEZALEL's Latitude!)

Magnetic Case for iPhone 8 and iPhone X 

Available in black and white, the Magnetic Case for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X keeps your phones adhered to BEZALEL's wireless chargers. Whether the Omnia, Futura X, or Prelude, the Latitude for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X works perfectly in BEZALEL's ecosystem for multi-use wireless charging needs.

Pocket Keyboard

Would rather type instead of punch texts with your fingers? Take notes or write emails on your smartphone with this wireless and foldable, keyboard & stand for your IOS or Android. Take it wherever you go and type away at your hearts desire. The ZAGG Pocket Keyboard, $48.99.

Futura X

Named "Best Wireless Charger" for portability by Business Insider, the Futura X wireless charging pad is the ultimate gift for iPhone holders (iPhone 6, 7, 8, X) as well as other Smartphones! Check out this page if your phone is compatible, $49.99.