BEZALEL Wireless Chargers Support Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

“Samsung has once again made the best display in any smartphone,” stated by YouTube tech reviewer, Marques Brownlee.

With a massively large 6.9” display, super-high screen brightness, bright night-time features and amazing stability, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series will knock your socks off with its technology.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra especially has the camera resolution and zoom-in technology of a telescope. Many photography and video buffs are extremely excited with this handheld device that is comparable (and in many side-by-side shots, sharper and clearer) than the standard zoom lens in the Sony A73 Pro Camera.

Avid all-things-android, Android Authority reports: “The Samsung Galaxy S20 series of smartphones all have support for 15w Qi-based wireless charging” and indeed this means they will wirelessly charge on BEZALEL’s charging devices. The phones are also fast charge capable, so BEZALEL’s wireless chargers Futura X and Altair will certainly support the fast-charge feature.

Check out the super slim Futura X and fabulous tech design of Altair for desktop use to charge your new Samsung Galaxy S20.