Advancement of Science & Technology. Utopic or Dystopic?

Utopia is an imagined place or state where everything is perfect. And dystopia; there's great turmoil or injustice. So everything's either splendid, or absolutely terrible in human society! And mainly due to the humans of society!

Thomas More's Utopia, published in 1516, pretty much started the slew of more "utopias", but many say it also comes from the Book of Genesis in the Bible; perfect peace, order and harmony of the beginning.

by Curt Walstead

Religious or philosophical, utopia has produced strains in literary genre and film, especially science fiction and tales of microcosmic worlds.

The Island (Tomorrowland)

According to Professor Fatima Vieira, "utopia belongs to the realm of the ideal." (So, no crime, no disease, no littering and no cursing? Well, even scant sickness, crime, and warfare would be fantastic! As long as they're, hopefully, minimizing!) (Impakt Festival)

Dystopian novels like 1984 by George Orwell, shows a society under oppressive government surveillance. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World depicts people dominated by technology and science that seemingly appear "utopic", but are gravely and deathly stifling to the free-thinking, organically-feeling human being. (Zootopia)

Filmmakers experimented with variations of utopia and dystopia, portraying how technology is used to prevent crime or optimize the human experience in a futuristic world.

Has science and technology really progressed humanity toward something better for us, or caused deterioration in something essential in us? If the latter, how to reclaim that? (Minority Report)

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