Top 3 Interior Design Styles that BEZALEL Goes With

The following interior design styles are very much part of the pieces in major home design and furniture retailers people shop at today. Wayfair, Restoration Hardware, Urban Outfitters, All Modern, Anthropologie, West Elm, World Market, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, CB2, the list goes on!

We found that BEZALEL's minimalist tech style, which sticks to the basics with color, shape and functionality, goes with just about any design style that appeal to many folks shopping at places like the ones mentioned above, (not to mention of course the giants: Target, Walmart, Amazon and Home Depot!)

Check out these top design styles that seamlessly fit BEZALEL's wireless charging into their decorum.

1) Mid-century Modern

Reminiscent of flashbacks from a glamorously understated era, (though sometimes not so understated), the Mid-century Modern style is definitely not to be shelved as a category in a museum history; nor is it only an earmark aesthetic of an imagined cosmic society.

Furniture and decor that emanate the Mid-century Modern theme are all about smooth flow, circularity, and letting specialty have its well-deserving, primary role.

Known for curves where you'd usually see straight edges and corners, this design style is perfect for the Futura X fast-charging wireless charging pad.

2) Contemporary (and all its variations)

The Contemporary style takes Mid-century Modern to the next level of experimental and playful. Known for its minimalist trait and embracing aspects of pop culture, or the current trend, the Contemporary design can vary.

It can incorporate elements of just about anything it wants! Scandinavian, modern farmhouse; you can add an Art Deco console here, an ethnic-eclectic inspired lounge chair there, or a bulbous light fixture in a strategic "anywhere".

How about the occasional bohemian-inspired piece? It really depends on how "contemporary" you want to go!

That's not even the best part! This particular theme of interior decor goes hand-in-hand with technology pieces, as tech-design is also an aesthetic type!

BEZALEL's Prelude, the portable power bank and wireless charger, which functions also as a traditional wireless charging pad, is the perfect functional aesthetic piece that completes your contemporary style-themed interior.

3) Industrial

The Industrial interior style has an overall masculine framework that commands a certain type of attention. You can't help but admire the sense of "home" created amidst exposed brick and air vents, or the general arrangement of oversized windows and metal rods.

The key with this design style is the accoutrements to soften and cozy up the space while honoring its foundational uniqueness.

Nevertheless something like BEZALEL's wireless charging desktop stand, Altair, echoes a similar tone in terms of aluminum hardware, solidly-built structure, and felt-like pad for your smartphone to lay against, as it fast-charges on your desired table top or desktop space!

Check out BEZALEL's website today at for the aesthetic inspirations you get in both form and function.