Working Out with Your Phone

Never did our great, great grandparents envision that humans would pay money to go on top of a conveyor belt-like machine and slave away running for 40 minutes holding onto their phones for dear life because a running app, which they downloaded onto a handheld computer-like device, for which they also paid a lot of money, was monitoring their heart rate, calories burned, and running performance so that they could optimize their workout on the "cardio day" of the week.

When baby strolling

How far we've come. 

Now, unless your gym membership includes a power bank rental for your phone to stay charged, here's what's vital to keep that running app running. And you, running. As well.

When jogging

A handy wireless charging block that'll stick to the back of your phone so that you're using your phone and charging it at the same time.

This means zero low battery anxiety. Seeing that percentage number in the high 80s and 90s will give you peace of mind to stay focused on your workout.  

When biking

There are people who'll watch movies and TV shows on their phones as they workout. Are you one of them? 

Or, perhaps you're one of the workout instructors who film yourself for your YouTube or Instagram audience?

When at the gym

Regardless of how you use your phone during the days of breaking a sweat, the reassurance of it being charged and ready to go wherever you go, is worth the extra thought put into your gym bag preparation.

When taking a break

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