Prelude: Wireless Charging Takes on Nano-Suction Technology

Versatile Brilliance

How great would it be if you could just slap something on your phone to charge it (and fast) but still use it with as much free mobility as you normally would? In other words, play games, take videos, edit photos, make phone calls and take your phone virtually anywhere without wall socket hide-and-seek or pesky cords.

You'd think such portable tech gadget already exists, especially with the big brands, but actually not quite. Yet, BEZALEL's newest and latest smartphone-charging device not only possesses all the capabilities just mentioned, but it is what makes BEZALEL different.

Nano-suction Technology

Free encyclopedia Wikipedia explains the science of it in plain language more or less. "Nano-suction is a technology that uses vacuum, negative fluid pressure and millions of nano-sized suction cups to securely adhere any object to a flat non-porous surface.

When the nano-suction object is pressed against a flat surface, millions of miniature suction cups create a large vacuum, generating a strong suction force that can hold a tremendous amount of weight."

In other words, with regards to the new Prelude, the innumerable amount of tiny microscopic suction cups allow for strong enough adherence so that the charger sticks to your phone. Since this nano-suction is integrated into BEZALEL's charger, one doesn't have to be at the mercy of gravity's help. You don't have to lay it down on bricks, blocks, or bases like the other brands.

Other major brands in this category of wireless charging gear may have similar portable devices, but they don't have the style, versatility and technology that make BEZALEL who they are.

Fast & Powerful

Why is the Prelude the ultimate fast-charging portable wireless charger? With 5,000mAH battery capacity and 15W max output capable of supporting fast-charging iPhones and Androids, not only is this mighty gadget powerful but fast.

Like anything else, power banks need to get there power source from somewhere. To refuel, one can choose the traditional way (cord & electrical socket) or one can simply place it on another wireless charger. How brilliant is that!

There is also the option to use it like a conventional wireless charging base, for instance before being to bed or while studying. For this high-tech device, 'versatility' will definitely be at the top of the list in winning people over.

Kickstarter - the New Prelude

Kickstarter campaign goes from September 25, 2018 - October 31, 2018. Once the campaign ends, the price will go up to its regular price, so take advantage of Early Bird specials (50% off retail) when you can! Indeed, the wireless era is now.

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