Wireless Charging Tech & Sports

Free agent Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Brandon League

Are you a star athlete and travel to different cities for a game? Or, are you a die hard fan and love to go where your team goes? Whether you're on the field playing as an all star or a spectator on the benches cheering for your team, you never want to go low on your phone's battery! The solution? Take with you a fully portable wireless charging device!

With BEZALEL's completely portable Prelude for instance, once you juice up the charging block, you can take it with you wherever you go, and forget about worrying that you'll lose power on your phone. Capture everything you want on video and store up your pictures of the game! How convenient is it to not look for a wall socket or be bound to cords?

Depending on your phone's model (and it charges any Qi-charging wireless charging capable phone), the Prelude can charge your phone 2 full times without having to re-fuel. Stick the Prelude in your bag, pocket, or locker and keep your phone's battery power at the high percentage that you want. 

It's so easy and convenient, once you start using it, cable cords will definitely take the backseat in your cellphone battery charging consciousness, and you'll be able to focus on the game!