Wireless Charging Predictions in New Phones by Google and LG

New phones are about to be released this month by Google and LG, and leaks and Android specialists strongly predict that fast-wireless charging capability will be built into both (though the rumor with LG's is that their wireless charging will be faster.)

Here's a peak into a popular smartphone expert and lover of the Google Pixel phone talking about wireless charging:

While we won't know for certain until respective companies actually release them, the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL, as well as LG's V40 ThinQ, are definitely expected to be upgraded for the necessities, conveniences, and bells and whistles that the modern smartphone is now almost required to possess; great camera work, high-quality images and screen viewership, amazing stereo, and built-in wireless charging with fast-charging capability.

Here's sneak preview of the LG V40 ThinQ:

As you can see, the highlight of LG's latest V40 is the texture of handling the hardware. But what makes this smartphone really unique is the rumor that it will have 5 lens built in for optimal camera work.

With the elimination of headphone jacks in the Pixel 3/3XL, prepare to make wireless accessories a purchasing option: wireless ear phones, wireless speakers, etc. And of course, don't forget the option for wireless charging either.

As long as they keep making smartphones that are Qi-charging capable, wireless charging isn't going anywhere. And BEZALEL's chargers will be there, ready to meet the wireless charging demands for the newest and latest smartphones such as the ones here, whose release is just around the corner.