How to Stay in Touch & Be Prepared When Emergency Calls

When there’s an emergency situation we need our phones. Even if it’s a semi-emergency, we’re attached to our phones.

They are the means to know where our kids are, check up on our parents, and at times dial 911.

When we find ourselves bolting away from a sudden problem or towards relief, we’re often left with belongings already in our possessions.

We Need a Portable Wireless Phone Charger

If we already have a portable wireless charger near us (purses, bags, glove department,) not only can this be a matter of saving time but saving a life.

Even though our phone battery might be charged now, we don’t know what can happen later.

Portable wireless phone chargers like BEZALEL’s Prelude isn’t just for urgent matters after they’ve occurred.

Whether camping, surfing, mountain biking or traveling unknown places, a fully charged portable smartphone wireless charger comes in very handy.

With BEZALEL’s Prelude, a high-capacity, high-efficiency portable wireless charging device, your phone is capable of being charged multiple times.

Red Cross Volunteers Use Mobile Devices

VMware, a virtualization software company, partnered with the American Red Cross to provide more efficient digital workspace solutions.

Their technology contributes to the mission to save lives and give care when disaster strikes; and their implementation has resulted in more effective communications and on-site coordination for both staff and volunteers.

red cross wireless charging

Source: RedCross

This is especially vital for volunteers responding to emergencies: they can access the Red Cross system through their own mobile devices.

More than ever, volunteer for or not, we rely on our phones for all kinds of situations. And our phones are capable of handling more, which means they will get more use.

Stay in Touch Be Prepared

No matter what happens and where it happens, having a high-quality portable cellphone charger allows smartphone users to take care of their needs first. Without the worry of your battery going out.

Stay in touch with all the important people and remain connected by keeping a wireless charger always near you.

For the high-quality technology offered, BEZALEL is affordable and worth the investment.

See which one of your phones work with the Prelude Here.