What's So 'Independent' about Independence Day?

It's as if you still have to obey curfew and report to your parents your whereabouts even after having moved out--to a far, far away land. 

Not fun having authority figures imposing rules, laws, (and taxes!) when you've no real voice in the matter, and, when you're setting up your own life away from past influence. 

The Fourth of July celebrates a time in American history that represents freedom; sort of like a young adult who moved out of his parent's home; except this home isn't so sweet with loving parents; and their relationship isn't all that great; especially towards the end.


'In the beginning', that is, during the time of British settlers on North America in the 1760s and 70s, the U.S. consisted of 13 colonies.

The relationship between parent and child started becoming strained. The offspring had moved out but was still under the protective and resourceful care of the parent. And the offspring was paying for it.

Disputes, disagreements, tension; the want of control from the dominant side, and resistance from the subordinate side; this wasn't headed in a peaceful direction.

(When it's time for the kids to move out, some parents just won't let go.)

The British imposed taxes and laws to the folks in the land of liberty, and the English-Americans weren't having it.

Threatened by serious indication of autonomy, and more than perturbed by the way these rebellious kids were acting, the British Empire didn't let go without a fight.

Yet the representatives of the colonies, including future presidents, came together and signed the Declaration of Independence.


"The basic purpose of the Declaration of Independence of 4 July 1776 was to make a formal statement that the authority of the British government over the former colonies had been dissolved" (Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, Jayne A).

Yes, that's right. This official declaration of dissolve in British governmental authority over the colonies marked a significant political impact in this part of history.

Boundaries. Officially.


We're independent and we're going to write a very epoch-changing letter to that effect.

Happy Independence Day~

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