Trade-In Your Old iPhone and Get Credit for a New One

Apple unveiled the latest in iPhones: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President says (of the 11 Pro Max) it’s the “most advanced and detailed iPhone we’ve made yet.”

Some fantastic trade-in incentives are up on the Apple website, where it’s easy to view and select the type of iPhone model you wish to turn in. Here, for the 11 Pros, you can see the maximum trade-in value you’d receive for the type of iPhone model you wish to retire.

The price and colors of the iPhone 11 are attractive (and perfect for optimal Nano-suction technology performance with Prelude & Omnia).

Remember, Apple didn’t come out with wireless charging capability until the iPhone 8, so if you have a model before the iPhone 8, it’s all the more reason to upgrade your phone. Charging up your phone via wireless charging is super easy and convenient.

It is indeed a freeing experience to cut the cord and go wire free.

Upgrade your phone now and take advantage of the future of power charging that is wireless charging and fast wireless charging, both of which BEZALEL’s products provide for today's modern lifestyle demands: in the car, at home or office, and on the go.

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