Top 5 Fantastic Features in the New LG G7 ThinQ + BTS!

What does K-pop boyband BTS have in common with 5 amazing features of the new G7 ThinQ cellphone by LG? Nothing except they do a fantastic job putting the phone up near their faces for some great video shots! <swoon>

The new G7 ThinQ smartphone by LG..

is coming out June 1st for U.S. consumers and is one beautifully put-together package for what mobile users today need and want. If you're especially big on audio and images, this phone is great for just that.

As for the specs..

this waterproof, dust proof Android 8.0 comes in gold, silver, and black with a full HD 5.8" gorilla glass 5 display with a whopping brightness of 1000 nit.

2.4 GHZ processor with a RAM of 8GB, the G7 has an available 128 GB internal storage expandable up to 256 GB with micro SD card. It's quick-charging capable with 4000 MAH battery life.

Top 5 Fantastic Features of the New LG G7

1) Sound and Audio

  • The Hi-Fi Quad DAC external Audio mode optimizes audio quality.
  • Boombox speaker generates great bass sound with built-in speakers and resonance chamber, which amplifies the sound through vibration.
  • Has DTS:X 3D surround, which lets you listen in immersive 3D sound, balanced in side to side direction.

2) Far-distance Field Voice Recognition

  • Really cool feature where you can open your phone by calling out to it ("Hey Google") from a far-reaching distance..

3) Camera

16MP dual camera; 13MP front camera; dual tone LED flash; face detection

  • Super bright with auto brightness adjustment especially in the dark
  • Auto recommendations based on analysis of subject matter of photo in your frame.
  • Super wide angle available that allows you selfies but still capture wide back ground

4) Google Assistant

  • Quick key is built into the side hardware so you can quickly do instant Google searches without having to go into your phone.

5) Wireless Charging

  • The LG G7 is not only wireless charging capable but fast-charging (3.0) as well. Definitely worth checking out a wireless charging pad like the Futura X to set your phone down, charge up, and fuhgettabout it!

Here's a shout out to much-loved Korean pop group, BTS on the Ellen Show!