3 Hairstyles that Shaped 'Rebel' in Pop Culture History

We can deny it. We can look the other way. But we tried it ourselves or secretly admired it.

If hair can make a statement, that's fantastic. If it can shape the meaning of holding your own for a whole segment in pop culture history, that's pretty bad ass.

1) The Duck Sass; the Duck Tail; the Pompadour; the Greaser hair. Elvis, James Dean, and the rebellious non-conformist, who wore his heart on his sleeve (in addition to the pack of smokes) would rock the look.

2) The Mullet; the 90's rock n' roll shag; the colorful counter-cultural. Thanks to David Bowie, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper, pink, orange, and red streaks literally meant "I am a colorful person". This look meant you played in a metal band, appreciated a metal band, or wore a shirt that referred to one.

(Not to mention Tina Turner's golden spikes.)


3) The Mohawk.  Perhaps it's meant to reference the image of porcupines, but this style goes well with piercings and permanent body ink. 


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